Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Step 5-A Carolina (Iowa) Christmas Mystery - Bonnie Hunter

I thought that Step 3 was the biggie, but I think that all of the steps are biggies in this mystery. I have finished the first blocks, the pointsetta stars, and this is 30 of the 48 that I made. The others are laying on the ironing board below. Now, on to the fox and geese blocks. When I get to the next step, step 6, I think that I will use Bonnie's layout, but around each big 4 block combination block, I will add sashing. Three reasons; I like sashing, it makes the sewing together easier as far as matching, and I want a bigger quilt for my queen sized bed. My DH is always partial to black, so I may try to find some black with gold for the sashing. I have some that would be perfect, black with gold mini dots, but alas, I only have about a yard, and need about 3 if my figures are correct.

My brothers visit was very nice, short but nice. Even though we all live within about 4 1/2 hours of each other, we don't get together that often, and it was wonderful to spend time with them. I think that I will go to Jacksonville in the next couple of months and maybe visit. I'd like a little road trip. Hopefully, DH will be up to it.

My brother from Jacksonville, brought an old machine in a cabinet for my granddaughter-in-law, and after we oiled it it zoomed along. The only thing is, it is missing the bobbin case and it's not a well known brand. That's my next project is to try to find one that will work. She, Marcy the new mom, said she'd like the machine if I'll show her how to use it. She made a real cute quilt when she was younger, so I think that it will come back to her when we get her up and running. There's no hurry, as she has plenty to do for now. See what I mean.

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Marie said...

Love your mystery qu ilt. Great colors. I see she will indeed have her hands full but oh so precious cargo!!!Many hugs.