Monday, June 29, 2009


I've been doing a "little" shopping, some not so "little". I have been wanting to get a new car for several years, and due to something my daughter said, I went ahead and did it. I have some buyers remorse, but hopefully, it will be a good thing. We were talking about a 40 something friend of hers who has shingles and the treatment for it. She said something about her friend being young, but people who are 60ish, as is usual for shingles, only having 10 or 15 years to live (quoting from her friend's doctor). After I got over my initial dismay I decided that hopefully, I have many years more than that, but just in case, what am I waiting for. I want to enjoy my new car while I am able and I feel like having it will hopefully get me out more and keep me a bit more active. The fear of making such a purchase in hard times is giving me my buyer's remorse, but hopefully it wasn't a mistake. I talked myself into thinking I deserved it, lol. We got it the day before Father's day, so my husband likes to tell everyone that he got it for me for his Father's day. It's about the same color as this print. Khaki.
I went to the quilting group that meets in our town last week for the first time, and was shocked to see that there were about 35 people there. This is the slow time too, as in the winter when the snow birds are here they have close to twice as many. One of the ladies had some of their challenge fabric and asked if I'd like it as she didn't plan to use hers and I said yes, thank you. The smallest fabric below is the challenge fabric, and I purchased the others today to go with it. I'm thinking that I'll make one of the little baskets that are on so many blogs courtesy of Pink Penguin.

The fabrics below were on sale for $5.00 a yard, and I needed some neutrals. The wild one just caught my eye, and I was surprised when I got home that my DH really liked it, too.
I also signed up for my first "shop hop", and am looking forward to going around to the different shops. There are only 4, and one is about 5 miles from me, so it should be fairly easy. It goes on for 4 days too.

About a week ago I went to Joann's Fabrics and got a few things that I had been needing, basting spray and invisigrip, and some that I had been wanting the Gingher rotary tools. Unfortunately, after using it about 20 minutes on and off I dropped it on the blade, and now that blade is ruined. Luckily, I got the extra one, and I got them for 50% off, but I had read in one of the groups that one lady had been using hers for a year and hadn't had to change blades yet. I sure didn't get my year.


Ruthie said...

Looks like a nice car. What kind is it?

Lurline said...

New car, new fabrics - yay! go ahead and enjoy life!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Chookyblue...... said...

how exciting a new car.............enjoy......

Amanda said...

Good for you. We've suddenly realised that we need to do things now, rather than put them off into what is a rapidly decreasing future! Hence, the new house and the new motorhome, and we intend to get out and get the most out of the motorhome too. You never know what's round the corner in life do you? Have fun with the new fabrics.

scraphappy said...

Congratulations on your new car! I got one myself a few months ago and still miss my old one sometimes. It is a good time though. I got a good deal on mine and the economy need stimulation.
Too bad about the rotary blade. I once put in a fresh blade and then promptly cut right past the end of the mat and halfway across a floor tile before I realized what was going on. I have a sharpener now and can use the blades for longer that way.