Saturday, August 23, 2008

Birthday and Tools

Yesterday was DH and 3rd grandson's birthday, and we along with 9 other family and friends went to Bahama Breeze, our favorite, for lunch. I had hoped my son and his family could meet us there, but my son had to work, so it was just my daughter's part of the family. We had a nice time in spite of 'Fay'. I had been saving state quarters, and decided to cash them in to take everyone out. After we ate, DH and I went to Sears, where he got a new electric screwdriver, and I got a few tools and a toolbox to replace the one that he took over. I already had the hammer, but the other tools are new and just for me. I read how one lady uses an electric screwdriver (drill) to tighten and loosen the hoop on her embroidery machine, and it sounded like a good idea, so I got the smallest lightest one I could find. I'll let you know how it works out. Tightening them manually is hard on the fingers, plus I never feel like I get them quite tight enough. It was a fun day (almost like my birthday as I got a gift, too), but my oldest grandson was having a goodbye dinner with us as he left right after to move to Pennsylvania, so it was sort of sad, also. He is driving by himself, and had to pick up his going away gift from a friend on his way out of town. It turned out to be an 8 week old puppy, rat terrier, the perfect traveling companion?
I've been fortunate, as all my kids and grandkids have been in about a 100 mile radius until recently, and now I have a granddaughter in New Mexico, and a grandson in Pennsylvania, sometimes change is hard.


Amanda said...

Don't the tools look great, all packaged up like that. I love visiting hardware shops, the smell is so evocative. I imagine having family in different states is like us having family in Scotland or Wales. Weird!

Aussie Nanna said...

Hi Candace
great tohear that you all had a lovely family dinner for the birthdays. great idea getting presents when it isn't even your birthday!
My children are both in Canberra which is about 4 hours makes us put more effort into our visits so that we spend 'quality' time together.
They went to uni there so we have had that distance between us for some time now.
We all speak on the phone regularly and email and visit as often as time & work allows. It works well and we are all happy - that is important!
You are a modern grandmother - you will be able to email!
Take care

Anita said...

Hi Candace,
Belated Happy Birthday to your husband and grandson. August is a good month for birthdays.
I also have my own tool box and do most of the work needed on the quilting machine and my singers. My pfaffs are more involved so they get to go to the sewing machine shop when they need to which isn't often thank goodness.
My son lives 20 miles from us and my daughter and grandkids are 3000 miles away. I'm glad the cats don't grow up and leave home. When is your birthday I know when Amanda's is.

Kay said...

My son and brother's birthdays are in August. It's a lovely month of birthdays! The tool set sounds great!

scraphappy said...

How nice to have your own tools. I hope the screwdriver works out. It sounds like you had a lovely dinner. Maybe having family in different states will give you an excuse to travel and visit them. If not, then at least when they come home again for visits you'll be able to spend blocks of time together.

Julie said...

What was this friend thinking giving your son a new puppy to deal with at such a time of huge transition? I can't imagine. Well, maybe the puppy will behave and help with the moving.
Nice tools! I like to have my own tools, too - and my husband knows not to touch them!

Kim said...

family bday dinners are great fun :)
We just had one Sun nite for my mom's bday this THurs. All 5 grands and 3 of us siblings and spouses were there. Great fun ...ready for the Yank/ Sox games????

Sweet P said...

I like your new toolbox. I'm in charge of the household toolbox. DH knows how to use them. however I get to be in charge of it as long as I promise not to buy a pink one!

I have one son who lives close by and works with DH. My other son lives in Rhinebeck, NY and we see about three or four times a year. Makes for a nice road trip every now and then.