Monday, March 8, 2021

Catching Up Nine

Another tutorial from sewcanshe and some coasters.

Leftovers from the one above. 


A little tote, again from a SewCanShe tutorial. 

A finish from blocks I had made probably at least 10 years ago.  The stabilizer for the embroidery didn’t seem to benefit from being stored so long, and made for a sticky mess when washed.  A cup of goof off helped a lot after about 4 or 5 more washings.  I bought some embroidered dish towels from Etsy to fill in state flower blanks. 

Catching Up Eight

Little Christmas decorations. I made several for gifts.

I had had the same throw pillows for decades, so I made 5 new ones.  It was past time for a change. 

Some very basic painting and decoupage. 

Just thought this was funny

Potholders for gifts. I made several. 

Catching Up Seven

Fabric storage containers and pencil pouches for Christmas gifts.

3 small quilts. I gave away 2 for Christmas gifts, and still have the third.  When I find links to quilt along or tutorial, I’ll add them.  The last one I gave to my son-in-law’s cousin who was ill, and passed away February 25th.

Catching Up Six

A homely little purse insert

Bee purses for my daughter and I. 

A purse and some wall hangings for a black neighbor who wanted African themed for her heritage. The fabric my grandson had brought back when he worked briefly in Africa. 
(Except for the animal print)
Christmas bags for my daughter and I. 

A backpack for my daughter. I think yet another from SewCanShe.

And, a bag for the neighbor’s daughter.  She’s very friendly, so I wanted to do something for her.  I think she’s nine. 

Catching Up Five

I seem to obsess. This was wonky courthouse steps. Kitchen table, dining room table, living room end table....

Kitchen counter, this one is reversible. 

And itty bitty pouches.  I think from SewCanShe. 
Oops.  From Jess Oklaroots. 

Catching Up Four

Another phase. My big totes, again research in order to give credit and a way to find them if I go back to that phase.  Mostly, I made matching pouches, too. 
Weekender Bag from Deliaccreates

Catching Up Three

A pocket back for a desk chair. 

A kindle cover from a placemat. 

Free tutorials, I can’t recall where from right now, but I’ll research it and add them. .

A craft tote, I think from SewCanShe.

My pin cushion phase. 

Catching Up One

Since I haven’t added to my blog for almost a year, I thought I’d go back and add some of the things I’ve finished.  I refer to my blog often when I’m looking for a pattern, etc.   This  quilt was a baby quilt for a great grandchild.  Super heroes were requested to go along with the other brothers who were sharing a room. 

This was a house quilt I did for a sew along. I can’t remember the details right now. 
A free pattern from Moda - Moda Village.
These are a byannie pattern. I made some substitutions on materials that rendered it impossible for my machine to sew through.  It was supposed to have binding on the inside, but I had to resort to fray check. It’s a nice pattern, I’m sure very nice with the correct materials. 

And this, a small fabric box filled with cloth napkins. A pattern by SewCanShe. 

Catching Up Two

Some signs that I either found amusing or inspiring. 

A couple of Necessary Clutch Wallets. 
One to replace a Patriots wallet that I sold, and one to match the byannie bag that I made.