Friday, September 14, 2018

Red, White and Blue Organization

I signed up on Craftsy for a byAnnie class. I bought supplies, and did a very difficult job of trying to quilt 2 yards of  main fabric, duck, foam interlining, and quilting cotton lining.  After all that, I decided that since due to my husband's health issues we never do any traveling, that I'd use the fabric for something else.  I got the pattern for her Catch All Caddie and started off with it.  I got lots of good help from YouTube videos by Margaret Leuwen.  

As you can see there are lots of pockets, 7 on the outside and 5 on the inside.   

I then made a Stash and Dash, and another Lola's Pencil case. Again, there was a YouTube video on the Stash and Dash by Margaret Leuwen. 

I thought by making these, maybe I could keep the little ironing table next to my machine neater and actually iron on it.  My dog likes to get on my sewing machine cabinet when she is home without me, and you can probably guess.  I carelessly left the 3 pieces I had made to this point on my cabinet and got home to the whole thing (that I had loaded up) upside down on the floor.  Guess I'll know not to leave it there again.  Good thing she's so cute.

Then, I saw a free pattern on Emmaline Bags for a Retreat Bag, and it looked nice and big, so I added one of those.  I didn't have the wire form that it called for, but I used more of the fabric that I had quilted and the seperate lining also, and it stands up well, just doesn't stay open as well.

I still have a little of the quilted fabric left, but not much.
I'll be sharing this on SewCanShe's Show Off Saturday.


Patricia said...

What a wonderful job you did . The colors are beautiful. I would buy this !!!

mommabear said...

Wow great job love the colours too

Quilty Constance said...

These look so lovely. I bet my featherweight would fit in the first one!

Candace said...

Thank you, Patricia and Mommabear! Couldn’t figure out how to email you or leave a message on your blogs.

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