Sunday, November 3, 2013

Daughter's Fall Bag

My daughter had her Halloween bag still and mentioned that she didn't have a fall bag, so we went to Hobby Lobby and she picked some fabrics.  I went home and cut it out, and then got up at 3:30 (2:30 with the time change and finished it about 8:30 (time change confusion), so it took a little over 7 hours, but it is finished and kind of cute, so hope she likes it.   There's one big pocket here on the front, wide enough to get your hand in comfortably and deep enough not to be spilling things out.

This one has a zipper, and pockets inside, too.  I had a senior attack, I guess, as I meant to sew divisions in the long pocket but forgot.  I did put 3 safety pins in it after I took the picture, so now it has a jury rigged division.  Lazy, but hopefully, effective.

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