Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Step One Done

Step one is done.  I got it mixed up in mind somehow and was thinking at the end that I needed 244 instead of 224, so I ended up with 251 as I wanted a few extra.  Oh well, I'll use them somewhere, maybe on the back.  I still haven't decided on whether to use blues, mostly turquoise, or purple for my main color, I like them both and have mentioned before how wishy-washy I am.  I'm not having a big Thanksgiving at my house, but I am having everyone over Friday for a ham dinner, and my DD is moving this week, so it's a busy time.  I'm hoping after that is over and I do step 2 (which I'm hoping will be one of the smaller steps) to get my monster Iowa (Carolina) Christmas basted and quilted and on my bed.  I'd love to use it this Christmas, it's about time.  I've decided to not add the border, as it is already huge, and  to use the border blocks for something else.  I'll make sure they don't go to waste. 
I've kind of gotten attached to the crazy lady concept, I may call my quilt "Orca Bay Crazy Lady", lol. 

PS    As I was working on these I kept picturing in my mind the Alaska gold rush.  I could see the turquoise water, the purple and orange sunset, the black and white orca's, and an eccentric, maybe even homeless, "crazy lady" wandering the town (I don't know if there was a town, but in my fantasy there was).  In real life, I don't think I'm really a "crazy lady", but I guess that any of us could be if life wasn't kind, so I am going to call this "Orca Bay Crazy Lady", and I guess that it is dedicated to those who really are eccentric, who have had less fortunate lives.  I mean no disrespect in this, and I hope no one takes it as such.  I have worked in the city and seen ladies walking the streets and talking to themselves and in no way do I think myself superior, just more fortunate. 
There's my deep thought for the week.
If anyone feels that I have been disrespectful please let me know and I will change the name.  At first when I posted about the "crazy lady" I was just thinking about myself and my crazy colors, but quilting gives you time to think and my fantasy evolved.  


regan said...

I know you have your blocks on the wall with the backgrounds to choose what your main color would be.....but I think it looks awesome how you have it all layed out.....it looks like some really jazzy African print! I love how the blocks are wonky, and blend over each other.....it's a very good look with ALL the backgrounds together! Maybe you can use those 'extra' blocks you made and do a fun little wallhanging just of that! It's really good!

Ok.....did I just join the 'crazy lady' group, or what!?! LOL

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

I like your combinations, you've done a lot. I have some of the black fabric with circles in my stash.

No worries about the 'crazy lady' concept... make sure though if you want to act it out on the street, just put a plug in one ear and you can say anything you want to, people will just think you're on the phone. ;o)

Amy said...

Oooooooo......those are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

And just sharing my thoughts....
The turquoise makes everything POP ...(for lack of a better term)... against each other and stand out.

The hourglasses on the purple....that dark-on-dark...in the picture, it just seems that the colors get lost in each other.

Andee said...

Oh I can't wait to see this one come together..have been reading lots of blogs and so far most everyone is doing black and cream/white for the first step..I love that yours is different! Looking good!

Linda said...

Your hourglass units are wonderful! I love them.

Ellen said...

Wonderful, fun blocks. I like the background blue rather than the dark purple.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Nice color choices , you said on my blog that these become addictive, oh no I don't need another addiction :)))