Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Small Finish

The little Gator quilt for Dominic is finished.  DD came over last night and after a few suggestions from me began her first free motion quilting.  She went like a house afire, and I told her that her quilt pattern should probably be called 'Slinky', as it reminds me of the children's toy.  It worked, and it is finished, but since she has more quilting to do she figures that she needs a less intensive pattern of quilting, so I'm going to send her some You Tube links to watch.  I think she did well for a first attempt by someone who had previously not given quilting done by herself a thought. 


Michele said...

It looks wonderful! What a good first try :-)

Amanda said...

I'm sure the quilt will get lots of love and use. It's always satisfying to pass on skills to someone else isn't it.

Marcy said...

She did such a wonderful job!! So cute!