Friday, June 10, 2011

RRCB Whining

Those who love to make string blocks are probably thinking what a whiner, and those who find them to be a challenge probably have a little more sympathy.  I was going along so well, finished the first blocks, and then finished the string blocks.  I was all proud of myself, as I'm not the best at squaring blocks, and I had a feeling that these would probably need squaring more than most, and I had sent DH to a glass place and had an !!" square piece of plexiglass cut.  The cost was only $8.00, I think a pretty good price for such a stress saver.  My blocks are looking pretty good, however, I need to make at least six more string blocks, thus the whining.  I had enough for the blocks, but not enough for the side triangles.  Just kidding, it's not a big deal, although I would have liked to start putting blocks together to get an idea of what it will 'look' like.   Have a nice weekend. 


Michele said...

Great idea to have the plexiglass cut!

Andee said...

Great idea on the plexiglass "ruler" I think it is easier to at least be uniform with that! I don't mind the whining you did as you were working on these...I am whining on mine now!