Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chinese New Year And Funny but Cute

We have made friends with the owner of the Chinese Restaurant in town and a couple of weeks ago were given an invitation for lunch on Feb. 3rd, Chinese New Year.  I read up a little bit on the internet and it said that it was customary to bring oranges and a gift, also red was a good color.   We put on our red shirts, and had a nice dinner there with my daughter, her son David, and my granddaughter-in-law, Marcy and the baby.   I ordered an embroidery pattern from Embroidery Library and I thought it came out very well.  I stitched it on a fancy felt and Emily seemed very happy with it.  Marcy also made Emily and her daughters flower clips for their hair.   Marcy is starting a small home business making the clips and they are really cute.   Her website is:   We also brought a bowl of oranges of course.  Hopefully, we didn't commit any serious cultural errors.   We got to sample several new Chinese treats including a soup with long life noodles, chicken neck bones and boiled eggs.   We really enjoy our friendship with Emily, but haven't really met her husband.   He stays in the kitchen and cooks, she says that he doesn't speak English.  

Speaking of staying in the kitchen cooking.  This is my 17 year old grandson Caleb, another of my daughter's sons, she has five.   He has a job cooking and I stole this picture off of one of his friend's facebook.   I thought it was cute and funny.       HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 


Michele said...

What a nice lunch! How thoughtful of you to try to bring such appropriate gifts :) Your embroidery is gorgeous!

Amanda said...

What fun. I'm sure your thoughtful gifts were really appreciated.