Saturday, July 3, 2010

Big Boy Quilt Number 2 Done

This looks a whole lot like big boy quilt number 1, just a different border. It is done but not perfect. The front doesn't look too bad, but my machine was giving me problems and the back is not as good as I'd like. I picked out the worst of it, and as hard as it was to pick out, it should hold together well, lol. This is for my grandson, Micah.
I hope everyone who celebrates has a wonderful Fourth of July weekend.


Marie said...

Hey Candace,love that big boy quilt,of course they will love it!!How is hubby doing? Prayers are coming for both of you. Hugs, Marie

Amanda said...

The quilt's looking good, and will be much appreciated I'm sure. It's good to get a finish isn't it, especially if you've had to do some unpicking.

Linda Lee said...

Great colors and patterns! Very "manly" looking. By the way--I like the quilt behind Micah's quilt! I hope you are taking care of yourself.

Teresa said...

Hope your husband is continuing to do better. Love the quilt.

quiltmom anna said...

I love your big boy quilt- what a nice pattern and great fabrics- I am sure that it will be well loved.
Hope your husband is doing okay these days. Remember to take care of yourself too.