Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Little Brown and Black

I just added pink to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge last night, so I'll go from being very late, to being early.  As I explained last night, I did 72 slab blocks for a queen sized quilt, to be finished in a few months, and it includes these 7 browns.  

And, 7 blacks also.  My blocks don't ever seem to be purist though, almost anything goes as long as there is some of the desired color.  I also consider gray to be black. Maybe I'm color blind and don't know it.

I finished 2 more baby quilt flimsies, not too much of a stretch, as it was only one border on this one.

This one was finished today too, and it was just 3 borders.  Panels sure hurry up the process.

I have been trying to use up fabric and scraps, and made the mistake of looking at the Marshall's Dry Goods site after receiving their email.  I fell in love with these golden fabrics, I love bling.  There is also one of the Christmas balls with a black background.  I was bad and ordered a yard of each, and then needed to decide what to do with them.

I found this quilt on and fell in love with it.  I can see the different golds in the blocks, with 4 of the
motifs inserted into them, and a pretty red metallic fabric for the sashing.  It's her Mondrian Inspired Quilt Pattern

Friday, November 3, 2017

Hurry, Hurry Post

I have less than an hour for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge October, pink.  These are slab blocks, 7 of 72 that I made for a queen sized quilt from my scraps.  I'm putting it aside for a little while now, but will be back to it in the next three or four months, I hope.

7 each of these colors to go toward the 72 blocks for the queen sized quilt.

And, likewise these.

7 of each color group, except for the aqua, only 2 of them.
My high tech method of quilt planning.

Yesterday I cut out several baby quilts, this was one that I started with 3 orphan blocks.  Everything from scraps or fabrics I already had, except for 1/2 yard of the Tinkerbell fabric. 

You can probably tell from this close-up why this was an orphan block.

I sewed together 2 of the baby quilts today, this was the other one.  It is a little odd, it was actually a panel to make bags out of, but I decided to do a baby quilt instead.  It would have been even odder if I had used the other little motif picture of bras and panties.  Hopefully, there is a mom who would like a girly-girl baby quilt.

This is a baby boy fishing quilt panel that I've had for years, Thimbleberry, I believe.  I cut it out yesterday, also.

And the only one that I had to buy the fabrics for, for my great-grandson.  My granddaughter decided to do the kids shared room with Minnie and Mickey.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wallets for Christmas Gifts - Lots of Pockets

These were pretty fun to make, although I had to do a bit of ripping.  They hold 38 cards, and I'm planning to make several for Christmas gifts.  They are from, and called  Mega Credit Card Wallet.  The tutorial is at

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Quilt Top Number 4, Baby Quilt

Baby quilt is a flimsy now.  It is quilt number 4, but the first I will try to get finished, since it is a baby shower.  I am hoping to finish the other 3 though, to give to the bigger ones that day.
We are in Florida, so I'm making this short to work on hurricane preparations, just in case.
So scary for so many, prayers for everyone in any danger. 

I just want to add, I have commented on several blogs lately and gotten a message about some kind of problem.  I guess I need to investigate and check with Yahoo.  

Monday, August 28, 2017

Slab Blocks are 3 Flimsies Now, and Also, Baby Quilt in Planning

I have my three flimsies finished, this is the one for my great-grandson who is almost 8 years old.  He is an avid baseball player.  
This is the center of the quilt for my great-granddaughter who loves Minnie Mouse.  She, my great-granddaughter, not Minnie Mouse, is 3.
Here is her Minnie Mouse flimsy.
Here is the center of my almost 4 year old great-granddaughter's quilt.  Her daddy said she liked Shopkins and kittens.  Kittens were easier to find.  She also wanted her room pink purple, so I tried to have both.
And, the kitten flimsy.
Looks like still a lot of work to come.
The 8 year old and 4 year old have a brand new baby brother, less than a week old, so I have some fabric ordered from Marshall's Dry Goods for a baseball baby quilt.  Newborn appropriate baseball fabrics seemed hard to find.  I'm hoping to fussy cut the bears (hope they are big enough to make approximately 6-8 inch blocks) and sash them with cornerstones.  I seem to be stuck in that rut, but I find cornerstones more pleasant to make than borders.  I am still thinking though, it's possible that I might put it with another alternate block.
This would be for the sashing if I go with my present plan.
And this the cornerstones.  It is actually a mni print.
My mother liked houndstooth, and so do I, so this would be the first border.
This would be the second, larger border.  Or, as an alternate idea if there is enough of the Billy Bear at Bat baseball fabric, I might use it for the larger border.
And this will be the binding, unless I use the Billie Bears for the border, then I might use the swirly fabric above this as the binding.  

I looked for fleece for a backing for the baby quilt, but couldn't find any I liked.  I did like this flannel, so this will be the backing.  The baby shower is September 17th, and I'm hoping to have the 4 of these ready to give at that time.  

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Slab Blocks Complete

Deep sigh of relief, the last 9 of my 45 slab blocks are finished.  Now as anyone knows there is lots more to do.  I haven't even cut out any borders or sashing, and  haven't even thought about binding.  I did 3 blocks last night, and 6 blocks this morning, so I think that that is all for another day.  There are 3 quilts to make from them, so it'll be a little while.  There is another great-grandbaby due on the 24th (my husband is hoping for the 22nd on his and a grandson's birthday), and there is a shower for her or him (they opted not to know) in September, so I'm hoping to be done by then so that the older 2 siblings can have gifts, too.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

36 Down, 9 to Go - Slab Blocks and Kaleidoscope Quilt Finish

Here is my finished Kaleidoscope Quilt from my leftover Rainbow Quilt Challenge blocks.  It isn't washed yet, so no nice fresh crinkles.  I have recipients in mind.  
P.S.   My couch is leather and quilts slide right off it.  On someone's YouTube video they gave the hint to use the A Clamps from the hardware store to attach to the top and give weight.  A Great Tip!
I've been working on the slab blocks to make 3 quilts.  Two big girl quilts, and on the right side, a big boy quilt.  I've got 36 blocks finished now, only 9 more to go.  

I plan to sew the girls blocks together in a 3 x 5 arrangement, and then to get the quilt to the right size, add a plain border, a pieced border, another small plain border, and a large polka dot border (Minnie Mouse is popular with them right now, and polka dots are cheaper than the actual Disney fabric, I also have polka dot fleece for the backs, one red, and one pink).  For the big boy quilt, baseball is the plan.  I plan on baseball sashing and cornerstones, with a small baseball border, and then a much more colorful large baseball border.   But, being an indecisive sort, the conversation in my mind:  Self - Maybe I should do sashing and cornerstones on all 3.  Self - No, sewing the blocks all together looked nice on the googled pictures.  Self - But what if mine just looks like a mish-mash.  Self -  They are going to be rainbow style, so the colors should give them seperation.  It's hard being indecisive.  

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Slab Quilts

My first Slab Blocks.  I'm hoping to do enough blocks (72) to do 3 lap quilt size quilts 48 x 72, plus possible borders.  Four down, only 68 more to go.  They seem fairly easy and a good way to use up scraps.  Light blue, pink and black are for girl quilts, and the dark blue for a boys quilt.  It's a start.  I was going to try the Butterfly strip quilt from Missouri Star quilt company and tried 3 blocks, but decided I didn't enjoy the process.  This block is more to my liking at this time.  Here is a link to the free pattern: and
And, there is an excellent tutorial on YouTube by SewVeryEasy, on her channel.
And, another excellent tutorial by Weekend Project, evidently it was a Canada 150th Anniversary Celebration block.
A bargain method to do 3 great-grandbaby big girl and big boy quilts.
Here is one by Crazy Mom Quilts with sashing.  That would cut my blocks needed down to about 36.
And, one without sashing by Naptime Quilter, (Cheryl Larkison, the blocks creator)
I'm a ways away from having to make a decision.     Oops, I guess this is the pattern link: 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Kaleidoscope in Progress and Butterflies

I worked on a lot of blocks a couple of years ago for Angela's Rainbow Scrap Challenge and these are almost the last of them, I think I have a few 9 patches left, but that's all.   It's a flimsy now, still needs basting and quilting.  

I got excited when I saw a butterfly in one of my badly kept pots.

And then, there were two!
I got this picture off of Facebook, Tucker and his mom using his new quilt.