Sunday, June 8, 2008


Angela of Soscrappy is having a giveaway for her 100th post. She had a great tutorial for reusable shopping bags, and her giveaway includes one specially made for the winner.
Another new giveawy is going on at Storybook Woods. Clarice is celebrating her 500th post with an altered note-book, and if you haven't visited her blog you are in for a treat, it is a delight to the eyes.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Chili and Inertia

I have been having three extremely lazy days. I get up with intentions of getting lots done, and then the inertia sets in, and I don't git-r-done. As you can see, I have good intentions of finishing my OC, and I have it all organized and ready to go, but there it sits. I am going to use the excuse that I haven't decided on the setting yet, but I think it is mainly a case of laziness. Today, about the only thing I accomplished was an 8 quart pot of chili. In my opinion there are two main things that all cooks who make them think that theirs is the very best. One is lasagna, and the other is chili. I of course think mine is at least one of the best, but I realize that others feel that way about theirs. If you don't already make the best chili in the world, here is how I make mine. Remember, it makes about 8 quarts, but it freezes well. I use ingredients in 'about' measurements, and you should make it to your taste too:
2.5 pounds of hamburger, 2 coursely chopped onions, 5 cloves of minced garlic, about 3 tbsp. of worcestershire sauce, basil fresh or dried to taste, salt, pepper, 5 or so tbsp. of chili powder, 1 small can tomato paste about 6 oz., 1 small can tomato sauce about 8 oz., 1 can stewed tomatoes about 16 oz., 1 large can diced tomatoes, 1/2 cup katsup, 3 large cans kidney beans, 1 can cream of mushroom soup, 1 soup can water, 1 cup wheat berries (from the health food store)
Brown the beef with the onions and garlic, and add the spices to taste. We prefer ours on the milder side, so if you like spicy add some pepper flakes, and more chili powder. Mix in the mushroom soup, and then add all the other ingredients. Bring to a simmer stirring often, and simmer for about an hour.
I like to serve mine over al dente pasta. Tonight we had mini wagon wheels. The wheat probably sounds strange as an ingredient, but it gives it a nice little popping sort of crunch, and it's good for you. Just don't add it if you have ulcers, as it could be hard on your stomach. My family also thinks I make the best chili, but I trained them to my taste.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Playing with Camera on New Phone

Yesterday, we went to Target for odds and ends, and I played a little with the camera on my new phone. Then, I played a little with the free version of photoshop on my computer. Not up to the big cameras, but not too bad. The yellow flower was actually a pretty bright yellow.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Crazy Big Block Back

Today was another good mail day. I got back my Crazy Big Block from the LA'er, and I am very happy with it. It is on top of the quilt on my sewing room bed. We are going next week to Iowa for my mother's memorial service, and it will be going too, as shortly after my mother passed away my cousin's husband did also, and I will be giving it to her. The backing is an oxford cloth sheet that I got on sale from Land's End, and I'm real happy with how that worked. It was really reasonable as a backing and washed up nice and soft. I'm glad that it came this week, as when I got my Bargello back, it went back out in the next day's mail, and I will be able to enjoy looking at this one for a week before I give it away.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Calidore's Giveaway

Calidore is having a giveaway to celebrate her 700th post. It's a surprise, and there will be 2 winners. Sign up here.

Haircut, Shopping and Mail

Today was a very good day. I started out with a badly needed haircut, which I won't know if that was good until I wash it, so I'm hoping for the best. My DH and I then went across town, using my new GPS phone, to Ikea. This was only our second visit to Ikea, and it was a quick walk thru as my husband got kind of dizzy, but I still enjoyed it. We got some great deals on a large planter and its saucer, which is for my avacado tree grown from a seed by me. For most that is no great accomplishment, but since I have a brown thumb, I am very proud of myself. Little John, the gnome, will accompany the tree to it's new home. I also got a board (shelf) to cover for my new ironing table, some file boxes, and what we originally went for, plastic microwave plate covers to replace the ones that melted when I started my microwave roaring fire.

When we got home, the day got even better, as I had two packages in the mail. First of all, I have been coveting Nicole's Raggedy Old Annie's and so I ordered one about a week and a half ago, she had to make her, and I still received her today. Here she is admiring the contents of my other package, the paraphanalia for my new GPS phone (which worked perfectly twice today, once to Ikea and once back home). I have been ordering my cell phone accessories for years from CellPhoneShop the prices are good, and I like getting mail from Hong Kong. I only ordered it Friday, and it came today, and I got the silicone case, car charger, and outdoor style carrying case for 18.56 total. Everything that I have gotten from them has worked fine.
I know that I am past middle age, but maybe I'm entering my second childhood, because I plan to add more Annies from Nicole, plus I plan to add at least one from Hannies Annies, too. In the second picture, she is resting and cooling off in her new place of honor on the bed in my sewing room. It was a very good day.

P.S. I must say, she is very photogenic.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Quilting B - Giveaway

Another great giveaway by Bernadette at The Quilting B is going on in celebration of her 100th post. She has wonderful prizes, and you can go to her blog and leave a comment. I've just discovered her blog thanks to Helz at Blue Shadow Pony and I am looking forward to spending some time there, and looking around.

Freshman awards Day

This morning my DH and I got up early to attend the awards day for my 9th grade grandson, Caleb. We were met outside the auditorium by his friend Nicole, and we enjoyed the ceremony very much. He got a certificate for having between a 3.1 and 3.4 GPA, and we were very surprised when Nicole got a plaque for a 4.0. They had a Jazz Band that sounded very professional, and the Chorus also performed in formal dress. It was very nicely done, and we were very proud of our grandson. I think Caleb is smart, and very handsome, too.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Tabitha and the Penguin

I was afraid to add this to my previous post, so I'm giving it it's own. This is Tabitha petting the penguin. This one is 17 years old, just like her, she is the one standing. A dream come true for her, and aren't you just itching to get your hands on it, I am.

Orange Crush Step 5, New Fabric, DGD's B'day

I can finally say that I am caught up on the Orange Crush. I am savoring the moment. Now, I can finally join all those who are waiting for step 6. Yeah, me! Here they all are, and they are bright, when I had them up cropping them, it almost hurt my eyes. The fabric with it came today in the mail from Thousands of Bolts. I only ordered it Friday, they shipped it the same day, and it arrived today, can't get any quicker than that. I really like that store, the service and especially the prices. The fabric is for my border, you can't tell from the picture, but the orange floral's background just about matches the little patterns in the orange OC fabric perfectly. My backing is dark brown with sunflowers.
Today is one of my granddaughters birthdays, she turned 17. My daughter took the day off, and she and Tabitha, and two of her brothers went to Sea World. Tabitha loves penguins, and so today, she and my daughter and the boys got to pet three, a king, a rock hopper, and another one they couldn't remember the name for. It was a very exciting day for her. They took pictures, but just with their cell phones, if any came out decently, I will add them later.
Yeah me, and yeah Tabitha.