Sunday, December 28, 2014

Great-Granddaughter Rocker Ensemble

A couple of years ago, my daughter and I got this chair, made the cushion and a little matching blanket, for Dominic.  He has a little sister now, and since he has outgrown his chair, and she seems to like it a lot, my grandson asked if I could make a more girlie rocking chair ensemble.

I, of course, said yes and here is the front of the little rush job quilt.  I am not thrilled at all with the looks of it, but it is mostly purple, like her room.

He also asked that it have a fleece back, as she loves soft, and so it has a fleece back. 

And here are the replacement chair pads.  Again, I wish I'd taken more care to straighten things up, but in my defense, I was hurrying.  I wanted to get them done in time for a free ride to their new home a couple hundred miles from us.  I have a feeling these are my last finish for the year.  I just hope that they fit, I got dimensions from my grandson, but I was on my own with the curved top. 

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